Isle of Mann- Tues. through Thurs.

The Isle of Mann is an island in the British Isles, located in the Irish Sea between Great Britain and Ireland. It is not a part of the United Kingdom itself but the UK is responsible for defence and foreign affairs. Isle of Mann has its own government and parliament.  This is my third trip to Isle of Mann because we are fortunate enough to have some wonderful friends that live there in Castletown, which sits on the site of an ancient volcano and is one of the oldest towns in the British Isles, dating back to 1090.  The town was the capital of the island for hundreds of years before moving to Douglas and much of what the island is today started in this historical town. If in Castletown make sure to visit the medieval Castle Rushen, once the home of kings and later government.  It still dominates the center of a town of narrow streets and small fishing cottages. 

The actual draw to this magnificate Island is the  TT, where people have been coming for over 100 years to experience the speed and stunning motorcycle racing of this mountain course.  Due to the wind and rain they cancelled the first day we were there and I thought I would let the guys take in all the excitement on day two as there were too many other things to do and since I had been looking at the back of a motorcycle for the past 6 days, I thought I would give it a break.

About Cathy Bradley

Joe and I have been in the B&B business since April of 2004 and re-opened this year as a self-catered B&B. We are looking forward to seeing all of our past guests and renewing some friendships. Afterall, it has been guests like you that have made it most enjoyable. We are also looking forward to welcoming you, our new friends to Williamsburg.
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